Pacific Reserve Nursery.

Kolaboration Ventures Corporation (KVC) is proud to announce the addition of Pacific Reserve Nursery’s cultivation, packaging, wholesale operations, and state-of-the-art light-assist facility. This merger further expands KVC’s depth of products from shelf-ready flowers to manufactured biomass that powers a family of brands for its retail shelves and statewide distribution in over 300 dispensaries.

Pacific Reserve’s expertise in cultivating AAA-grade cannabis helps keep KVC’s high-grade products affordable for consumers. Merging with Pacific Reserve Nursery allows KVC to scale production while upholding its core value of delivering affordable, fresh, high-quality cannabis.

The newly added 124,500-square-foot flower canopy and the 110,000-square-foot nursery have increased throughput overnight. By the end of 2022, KVC is set to add another 425,000 square feet of flower canopy to meet statewide distribution needs and maintain Farm Direct options for local shops. 

“This merger enables KVC to deliver a broad and compelling offering to our wholesale customers. With our brands on their shelves, they will be differentiated in their markets with a great selection of fresh products at compelling prices,” said Martin Wesley, co-founder of Kolaboration Ventures Corporation.

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