Gift Cards Are Now Available!

The holidays have arrived, and what better time to buy gifts than now? The Farms are now selling gift cards at all Farms locations! Get that special someone a $25, $50, or $100 gift card redeemable at any Farms location. If that’s not enough of a stocking stuffer, ask your Budtender about our wide variety of products.

After you receive your gift card, scratch off the PIN and check the balance at Put it somewhere safe where you won’t lose it! Our Stores will need to know the 16-digit number on the card whenever the gift card is used. You can also purchase a card online right here.

“Reefer” a Friend or Family and Get Points Added to Your Account!

All Farms stores have “Reefer Cards” which work as a referral to benefit you and a friend or family member. The “Reefer Cards” should be filled out with your name and phone number and then shared with your friends and/or relatives. Your local Budtender will be able to share the Cards with you, and answer any questions you have. When your friend or family members come into any of our Farms stores with the “Reefer Card” you shared and redeems it, YOU will get loyalty points, and THEY will get $10 off!* Everybody Wins!

*Discount only applies when the total is or is above $50.

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