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Do you offer a discount to first-time visitors?

We do not offer a discount to first-time visitors but we have deals every day and anyone is able to take advantage of our “Buy 4 get 1 one free” deal on any day.

Do you offer a discount to Medical Patients?

3rd Party Medical Card holders and MMIC holders are exempt from sales and use tax.

Is there a birthday discount?

We do not offer a birthday discount because our prices make every day feel like a birthday!??

Is there a discount for people who work in the cannabis industry?

No. Our prices and deals are extremely competitive and we find that alienating others by giving bigger discounts to some isn’t what we are here. We believe in widespread access to affordable, quality products for everyone.

Is there a student discount?

Because of how competitive our prices already are, we do not offer discounts to students.

What kind of discounts and deals should I expect at a Farms Brand store?

There are statewide deals that you will find right here and there are deals specific to stores that you can find on their website or online menu.

What can I spend points/store credit on?

Store credit can be spent on any purchase unless explicitly mentioned in the ad copy.

What kind of Loyalty program is there?

Along with competitive prices, we have a point system in place for each customer. A point is earned for each dollar spent. 300 points equal $12 in-store credit.

Can I visit any Farms Brand store without an ID?

No. You must have a valid, state, or federal-issued(passport) ID.

Do I have to be a resident of California to visit your stores?

No, you do not.

Do I need a Doctor’s Recommendation?

No. You do not need a Doctor’s Recommendation.

Do I need a Medical Card(MMIC)?

No. But if you do have one you are exempt from paying certain taxes.

Do you accept any out-of-state identification card?

We accept non-expired, official out-of-state identification cards.

How can i get a Medical Card(MMIC)?

You need to apply at the Health Department in the county that you currently live in.

Is there a limit to how much I can purchase?

Yes, there is a CA limit for MMIC carriers and non-MMIC carriers.

Non-MMIC Carrier(Recreational): An individual can purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower a day AND up to 8 grams of concentrates & manufactured products, like edibles, a day.

MMIC Carrier(Medical): Individuals with an MMIC can purchase up to 8 ounces of cannabis a day.

Do you accept Credit cards?


Do you accept Debit cards?

Yes. But there is a $3 fee.

Do you include Tax in the price?

Yes. All of the prices you see include all taxes.

Is there an ATM at your stores?


Do you have online ordering?


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